Unexpected Guests?

Our Guide

to Being a

Gracious Host


Your house guests will feel like they are at a retreat when you provide them with a bedroom that is designed with their comfort in mind!  This great article details everything you need to consider when preparing a room for your guests.

A Prepared Host is a Great Host!

There will likely be a time when a guest in your home has a need that wasn't anticipated.  Your hospitality will really shine if you can meet that need in a manner that appears effortless.  

For example, stash a couple of extra cardigan sweaters in your coat closet.  Next time you have a guest that is a bit chilly, you can quickly offer them a sweater to wear!  

Thinking about past experiences you have had with guests may give you some specific ideas that will work for your home.  If your home has a pool, for example, you may wish to buy a few extra swimsuits (purchased on clearance, of course!) to have on hand for a guest who did not come with their own.  

You may also wish to keep a few extra gifts all wrapped up and ready to give at a moments notice.  You will be prepared for unanticipated holiday guests, unexpected gift exchanges and more!  Buy a few gifts that would be appropriate to give to most people, such as the ones on this gift list.  Wrap them up, and store them along with a few blank greeting cards.